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20;; Based in Boston;; Proudly Korean;; Cake day Nov. 03

Simply me, nothing more

I just play games and stuffs  

Recently fell back into writing a story that I had since 2010… My 2010 writing style makes me cringe a bit but I can’t really change too much because it planted itself as a solid plot base. Agh. Kind of weird how I’m updating it 4 years later, lol. 

Least I’m content with the new chapters I’m publishing on FictionPress. It’s a good distraction from homework and games and life and everything in general.

There’s a 90% chance that I might gift myself a ball python this winter and I wanted to buy one online.

I live in Boston and it gets pretty damn cold here during the winter so I wanted to ask:

How safe is it for me to order a ball python online during the winter? Kind of a dumb question but I don’t want to find my new love frozen in a box :c … I’ll wait if I have to. 

(Also, I don’t know of any breeders in the Boston area, so if anyone knows any, please let me know. )

Massive changes to Dota …

I like… but I also don’t like. Welp, won’t know how I feel for sure until I play!

7 Rioters came to our school today. I’m so happy that my college is reaching out to big name game companies like Riot!. 

But now I need to try to get DotA employees to visit. The League branch in club is getting far too many goodies than my DotA-ers. 

Discovered a new MOBA called Strife.

It’s made by the people who made HON. 

First impressions

  • Most of the splash arts are wicked sick and pretty and smooth
  • Character models are almost childish, but endearing in some strange way
  • The map is fking huge
  • I don’t know what’s going on
  • What the hell does this person do
  • Post-game likes to make you feel good whether you win or lose, it’s so cute

All in all, it’s really fun. I feel it has some weird combination of League, Dota, and Smite in there. They have an interesting pet and crafting system that affects your potential in games, which I think is pretty awesome.

The character pool is kinda small, but that’s expected of an open beta. At this stage of development, it lacks the competitiveness of the big name MOBAs while keeping the essential mechanics that make it somewhat challenging and interactive.

I highly recommend people to try it out :) I skipped the tutorial so someone’s gonna have to tell me if it’s beginner friendly.

I’m really glad Riot fixed up the Shurima lores. It’s so awesome now :D 

Also, Azir looks pretty intense.

Decided to be more active this year.

Honestly, if I’m not gonna dedicate all my time to studying, I might as well get my 2 DAN certification in Kendo and learn some legit Kung Fu and Wing Chun. And learn how to smash in badminton… 

Can’t wait until my mom brings all my equipment for kendo though… I wanna beat some people up :D :D :D 

I’m always more of an aggressive player when I play League but become really passive in DotA …

I wonder why…

Gonna be a busy year…

Gotta improve my grades… maintain my eboard position, increase volunteer hours… increase my MMR …


Techies update…


No…… Looks like no DotA for a while