Haven’t been playing too well in DotA lately… Also the ping in my dorm room isn’t the greatest… ugh.

There are some weird-ass people on Whisper…

…I don’t know what I expected from an anonymous app. 

random thought

Holy shit LP is a lot worse than I’ve ever imagined… 

I’ve never been in LP (cause I’m an angel heh) so when my friend invited me to play LP with him… 


I can’t even.

dota 2 low priority i can't

Back in the States… Finally, US servers huehuehuehuehue. Ugh. SEA and KOR servers were hell

I can’t wait until I get back to the States… I miss playing DotA with a full team -_-… 

New Sona

Not sure how I feel about Sona’s new ability tweaks… The whole new “bubble buddy” system thing is… kinda weird but kinda not. 

It’s nice to know where the aura range sits but at the same time… it limits her. It makes me have to choose between going up front so the team gets the aura or sit back in safety. Not sure how I feel about that. 

Least it looks pretty, I guess. 

League of Legends lol random meow