My eyes have been opened.
Playing DotA or League with 60fps is magical… My potential has been unveiled. How the hell did I play with 12-20 fps this whole time…

// Everything sucks//

My life is falling apart and it hasn’t even started yet.

// What would you do?//

Here is the situation:

1. Roommate brought in her first “pet mouse” around October. Had absolutely nothing prepared. I suggested we make a temp area in a spare clothes container she had until she got the money to invest in proper material. A few days turned to a week, to a few weeks, to months. A few days in, I became so frustrated with her lack of responsibility that I actively went out to buy the food, wheel, chew sticks, and water bottle. I made her pay for half my expenses. I told her many, many times to research mouse care. She never did. The mouse escaped the dumb plastic box and was caught by Residence.

2. After winter break, roommate came back with her Christmas present pet: a golden teddy hamster. Same set up as the previous mouse. Dirty towel as bedding, a wheel much too small for the hamster, no food. She kept feeding it random things from the dining hall cafe: stale pasta, nuts, croutons, stale bread, whole broccolis, etc. I told her to invest in proper material once again. I spend a few weeks away from the room out of frustration. I come back and find a chewed ping pong paddle in the box with the hamster. It died of a seizure a few days later. Not surprised. The hamster lasted 3 months. 

3. I come back from a long weekend and find out that roommate has yet again bought a new pet mouse. Same exact set up. Again, no food. I messaged her a long and ranty speech about investing in proper material. She hasn’t responded. I don’t know what she’s been feeding him. The container smells awful. 

I don’t want to be responsible for the mouse for it is not my pet. But I also don’t want it to die. And I don’t want to be the one to rat her out. I don’t know what to do at this point.

// New Laptop!//

The feeling of a new sleek laptop is grrrreat. Ahhh~

// Pokemon X//

I just bought Pokemon X and played about 3 hours nonstop…. It’s happening again. I gave up Pokemon for a reason. I have finals soon. Shiiiiiit.

So many cranes (:

So many cranes (:

Making paper cranes in memory of Lu Lingzi at Marsh Chapel to send to her family. Rest in peace, fellow Terrier. #BostonStrong @embracebu

Making paper cranes in memory of Lu Lingzi at Marsh Chapel to send to her family. Rest in peace, fellow Terrier. #BostonStrong @embracebu

// The Raid 2//

Pretty good movie. Plot was eh… a lot of questions that were never answered… oh well. I was there for the action. Not disappointed. 

But what is up with kungfu / martial arts movies and having the main character go up against a horde of people? After a while, you KNOW that the main character is going to come out on top and frankly, that gets kinda boring. Though I shouldn’t be one to question the tradition of it because a lot of people like seeing this one guy pull off the improbable. But then when there’s a one-on-one, shit gets real, usually. And that was a pretty intense scene in The Raid 2. 

My opinion: if you can stomach bits of gore and hella amounts of violence… pretty good movie if you’re in for the action. Otherwise, just read the synopsis.

Been having some rough games lately…

Hmeh…bit of a mood killer.

// I hate registration//

Worst thing about registration is WAITING. I’m not going to get the courses I absolutely need at this rate… Why… WHY

Just Michelle-talk.