I’m still really disappointed Na’Vi got knocked out so early … But kudos to Newbee for dominating. 

Too many “what-ifs” in my head. 

The other team baited out my WD ult so many times… But it’s okay, we won. heh

I have no friends in Korea… This is probably the worst summer vacation I have ever had to experience omg

Sat here watching some TI4 stuff at work since no one was around to help me with my little report…

A lot of close games :3 I can’t wait for the big matches.

So… one of my co-worker / mentor person is an Australian-Korean. I haven’t heard him speak English a lot until recently since someone from the NJ branch was visiting… and hot damn that Aussie accent …

Also someone from London visited the company today. I think I leaned out of my cubicle and was all (♥ω♥ ) ~♪ as I eavesdropped on that fabulous accent. LOL

Accents, I can’t.

I strongly believe that CM needs a new Aghs ability change.

Enemies that stand in her Freezing Field for more than 4 seconds should be frozen. 


DotA needs fulfilled <3

I haven’t played DotA in a while… Ugh. I don’t really want to play on the SEA servers though. hmeh…


I love the weather effects in DotA <3 Moonbeam +__+

Just Michelle-talk.