I really should learn how to play Visage properly but the necessary micro skills drives me insane… ugh. I commend people who control his birds like it’s nothing.

Io is also on my list… But I just don’t like the spirit ball for some reason.

random dota 2 thought

Losing streak… sigh so frustrating. But not as frustrating as the toxic people in game.

Grow up. If you’re not making money off it or it doesn’t affect your livelihood, chill the fuck out. I’m so glad my friends aren’t part of the poison in the moba community.

Tinder is an amusing app… It’s like people browsing lolol.

I have no friends in Korea… This is probably the worst summer vacation I have ever had to experience omg

Sat here watching some TI4 stuff at work since no one was around to help me with my little report…

A lot of close games :3 I can’t wait for the big matches.

So… one of my co-worker / mentor person is an Australian-Korean. I haven’t heard him speak English a lot until recently since someone from the NJ branch was visiting… and hot damn that Aussie accent …

Also someone from London visited the company today. I think I leaned out of my cubicle and was all (♥ω♥ ) ~♪ as I eavesdropped on that fabulous accent. LOL

Accents, I can’t.

I strongly believe that CM needs a new Aghs ability change.

Enemies that stand in her Freezing Field for more than 4 seconds should be frozen.